Have you been charged with a domestic violence offense?  

Let us help protect your rights in time-sensitive matters.

Assault charges, such as domestic violence, can affect entire families. You may be prohibited from having access to your children. You may be ordered out of your family home. Your life can change drastically, and you need help now. Price & Associates, PLLC can protect your rights and seek the best possible outcome on your behalf.

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You’re not alone  - We can help

At Price & Associates we know you want your domestic violence issue resolved as quickly as possible. You want to minimize the impact on your job, education, relationships and access to your children. With over 16 years of criminal law experience, including a past position as a King County prosecutor, Attorney John Price can help meet your goals and minimize potential long-term consequences.

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       Providing expert defense in the following areas:

  Domestic violence (spousal abuse)
  Aggravated assault
  Violation or a restraining or Protective Order

                      See Misdemeanor / Gross Misdemeanor


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Have you been arrested for violation of a restraining order or a protective order? This is generally handled as a misdemeanor offense in district court or municipal court.  Price & Associates provides dedicated representation to people who have been accused of violating these orders.

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