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Many people facing Misdemeanor or Gross Misdemeanor charges are experiencing the criminal justice system for the first time. If you are facing a first offense, or any subsequent offense, you want to choose a criminal defense attorney who will vigorously protect your rights. By choosing Price & Associates you choose an experienced lawyer who is fully dedicated to obtaining the best possible results.

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Misdemeanor | Gross Misdemeanor | Legal Defense

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Misdemeanor and Gross Misdemeanor cases are handled in district court or municipal court, depending on various factors. The firm works extensively with individuals facing misdemeanor and gross misdemeanor charges. Attorney John Price will help you identify your options and craft a solution for your particular situation.

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Providing expert defense in the following areas:

  Violation or a Restraining or Protective Order
  Theft (shoplifting)
  Minor in Possession of Alcohol (MIP)
  Disorderly Conduct
  Drug Charges (including possession of paraphernalia)          



Defense lawyer John Price has been handling criminal matters for over 13 years. His experience includes a position as a former King County prosecutor. John has professional working relationships with prosecutors, judges, clerks, and court personnel. His substantial knowledge can benefit you.

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