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Suspended or Revoked License  | Driving with Suspended License

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The privilege of having a driver's license makes life easier. Going to work, getting to school and running errands can become increasingly difficult when your driver's license is suspended or revoked. Driving with a suspended license can be serious.  Charges can compound, unpaid tickets can stack up and penalties can increase. With Price and Associates we can help break the cycle. It is possible to get your driving privileges reinstated.

John Price is a defense lawyer with over 16 years of experience. He has established solid working relationships with Department of Licensing and the hearing examiners. He will help you determine if there could be any legal issues regarding whether proper notice was sent by DOL or if the law enforcement had a valid basis for stopping your vehicle. 

Driver's license suspension issues frequently relate to a DUI charge. In addition to handling your DUI/DWI defense, the firm can assist with any administrative license issues that arise.

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